: Gold cards
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When I own a card, its Gold number and the quantity I own are indicated.
If the quantity (the second number, after the "x") is greater than 1, then the card is available for trade.
I'm looking in priority for cards I don't own at all, whatever Gold value on the back. But I'm willing to get also cards I already have but with a different Gold value.
Also, all cards don't have the same back, but it's not my priority to get all cards with all backs!
For the differents backs, see
  The games
Ref. 9-02 : SR - Recon reports
10 x 1
20 x 1
20 x 1
10 x 2
Ref. 9-01 : SR - Boris Mikhail
Ref. 9-03 : SR - Change in the currents
50 x 1
10 x 1
10 x 1
Ref. 9-04 : SR - Fortune on the winds
10 x 1