Site news
First (still draft) version of the site is online!
Several updates
Relooking of the site. Suppressed my Haves and Wants lists (too much time spent to keep them up to date. Added Trade page.
Several updates (incl. lists of cards)
Several updates
11-24 and 2-12-2014
New Warcry Gold cards puzzles added
I collect CCG cards. But not all of them!

I choose games based on their design and their spirit.

I only collect "dead" games because I don't want to have to buy every new set each time one is edited. This explains why I don't collect Magic TGC for example.
  The games
Mes recherches
Guildes : "Hors commerce" set of cards
Mythos : 5 cards from New Aeon set.
Rage : Conquistador's sword (War of the Amazon)
I hope that this site will help me (and you!) to trade cards and achieve my collections of CCGs (JCC in French)!

You'll find there, by game, informations, the list of the cards, how to recognize the different sets on the cards, and more useful data. But also the cards I need (my wants) and the cards I have multiple of available for trading (my haves).

I'll also mention the boosters, starters and boxes I got in lots from other CCGs that I  collect or not. I can trade or sell them too.
Good stay in this site. Don't hesitate to
for a question or a win-win trade!
Illustrations in this site come from the CCGs collected or are original art made by the artists who have participated to the realisation of those CCGs.

Of course, feel free to go visit their sites if you like their art.

Their name, and a link to their site, figure in the Artists pages and in the credit/authorization mention near each original illustration.
Achieved collections
  • Corunea
  • Dark Age
  • Dark Age
  • Deus
  • Kult
  • Mythos
  • Netrunner
  • Tempest of the Gods
  • The call of Cthulhu
  • Xxxenophile
Dune : Confirm the misprint of EotS Truthsayer.